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Shopoff Realty Investments is looking for qualified land real estate investment opportunities. Please review our selection criteria. If you would like to submit an opportunity for our review, please click on the “submit” link below.

Target land uses:

Multi-family residential land: Land suitable for development of new rental communities at densities of 15 to 100 units per acre. Minimum number of units – 75, although would prefer sites 150 units and larger; surrounding areas to be upscale, or improving with net rents sufficient to support market return on costs. Geography: Southern California is highest priority, Northern California, Seattle, Portland, Phoenix, and Denver. Price target: $5 million minimum – $50 million maximum

High Density Residential Land: Land suitable for development into townhomes or condominiums, with densities of 10 to 40 units per acre. Geography: Southern or Northern California major metropolitan areas. Price target: $3 million minimum – $75 million maximum.

Single Family residential land – minimum lot yield of 150 lots – we will consider any size project up to 10,000 lots. We are comfortable with large master plans and full entitlement projects. Prefer relatively flat and reasonably configured, off-sites nearby, sufficient water and sewer capacity, upscale area, near schools, shopping, recreation and regional transportation routes. No unusual soil or environmental conditions. Geography: All California markets, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Texas markets (Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio), Denver, Portland, Seattle. Price target: $2.5 million minimum – $100 million maximum.

Commercial land – primary criteria is the location which must be in a very active marketplace. Competition is active but absorption is reasonable at pro forma market rents. Cost to finish land for construction is not extraordinary. Geography: Southern California. Price target: $5 million minimum – $50 million maximum.

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