Cierra Apartments Homes, Whittier, CA

Cierra Apartments Homes, Whittier, CA

After securing necessary entitlements, the Shopoff team is currently under development of Cierra Apartments Homes, a 60 unit apartment project on a 2.2 acre site in Whittier, CA. Construction is anticipated to be completed Q3 2022, at which point Shopoff will lease up the property, stabilize, and then sell to an apartment owner.

The property consists of 2.2 acres of land located at 8016 Santa Fe Springs Road, Whittier, California. Whittier is a city in the Southeast Los Angeles County suburbs. The site is located in a redeveloping area of Whittier at the intersection of Whittier Boulevard, Santa Fe Springs Road, and Washington Boulevard. The area currently has a limited supply of higher end 4 and 5 star properties with modern amenities The site is within an approved general plan and zoning overlay that allows for medium density residential use.




Property Type : development
Status : Property for sale
Business Plan : Development
Address : 8016 Santa Fe Springs Road
State : CA
City : Whittier
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