Risk Factors
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Shopoff Companies

Shopoff Companies is a real estate investment firm specializing in offering qualified clients diversified long-term investment opportunities that can be used to create a customized portfolio consistent with their unique financial profiles and goals. Our clients comprise a wide range of investors and joint venture partners that includes banks, developers, builders, high-net-worth individuals, and the public in general.

Shopoff Companies provides access to a broad spectrum of investment products and opportunities with the potential for high returns, including residential, multi-family, commercial and retail properties, mortgage banking products, and real estate investment trusts. For more than 25 years our firm has been known for its dedication to personal integrity, operational transparency, industry expertise and our total commitment to the success of our investors.

The Shopoff Group

The Shopoff Group is a national real estate venture capital and investment firm with more than 25 years of experience in privately held real estate investment and development. We offer qualified high-net worth clients a gateway to participate with trust and confidence in our expertise in strategic investments in land, residential and commercial properties, off-balance sheet acquisition programs, and equity and capital ventures.

Investing in The Shopoff Group limited partnerships involves a high degree of risk, including the possible complete loss of your investment. This is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy any security. Such an offer may be made only by means of an offering document. Investors should read the offering materials and review the risks associated with any offering.

Shopoff Securities, Inc

Shopoff Securities is the broker-dealer for Shopoff Properties Trust, a real estate investment trust (REIT). Shopoff Securities is comprised of a team of experienced registered representatives and compliance personnel that provide support and services directly to the general public and financial advisors.

Shopoff Properties Trust

Shopoff Properties Trust is a Publicly Registered, non-traded REIT with a primary focus of investing in undeveloped land, offering opportunities to add value and create profit through engineering activities, environmental tasks, and other facets of the entitlement process that prepare a property for development. Investment in our common stock involves a high degree of risk, up to and including the complete loss of your investment. See the Prospectus for a complete description of the risk factors associated with an investment in our stock.

In 1992, we created the entity Asset Recovery Fund (“ARF”) whose primary purpose was to invest in non-performing, delinquent, and foreclosed loans secured by real estate assets. These loans secured by real estate assets included residential, multi-family, commercial, office, and industrial properties. These real estate secured loans were purchased directly for programs created by ARF and through partnerships/joint ventures with other entities (i.e. Resolution Trust Corporation (“RTC”)/Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (“FDIC”)/Federal Housing Authority (“FHA”), as well as institutional partners (i.e. Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, Baupost Group). During the underwriting process, the team analyzes the investment in non-performing, delinquent, and foreclosed loans secured by real estate assets. We would determine what business model would provide the highest value for the investment. The business model would forecast immediate access to the underlying property secured by these loans or forecast a workout of the non-performing loans. The overall objective is to maximize value of each loan acquired and hence to maximize the value of the acquired portfolio. In addition to realizing value from the underlying collateral, we will also pursue collection from the guarantors, if that appears to be a viable plan.